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The Process Involves Insomnia

I thought I’d butt in and pop over (and slide in?) to re-post this blog post from Nola Studiola’s curator for the month of September, nonfiction and memoir writer Marin Sardy. She has used her month of curatorial writing to report on the ingredients of her writing process, and it’s just lovely.

I’d love to find writers who work with visual components to join our line-up this spring; Nola Studiola is based in New Orleans and part of the purpose is to build connections between artists in AND out of the city. Displaced Louisianans and former residents of the Gulf Coast are also valuable perspectives!

nola studiola

My favorite time to write is in the middle of the night. Correct that: My favorite time to write memoir is in the middle of the night. Late, late at night, always between 2 and 5 a.m. It happens that I generally go to bed at about 11 p.m. and I seem to have a natural end of a sleep cycle three or four hours later, bringing me nearer to the surface from deep in my own unconscious. On nights when I’m upset or preoccupied with something—something I’m writing about, as often as not—I’ll often awaken so completely that, for an hour or two anyway, I feel as fresh as if I’d had a full night’s sleep. And my mind will have been emptied of all the clutter, all the noise, and nothing is moving in there except this one thing, this thought or this feeling that has compelled me from…

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