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My AWP–Boston Locals Wear Rubber Boots

Day 1
1.1–Too cavalier about plane and hotel booking. Scrambled to find correct flight, took cab to wrong hotel.
1.2–Hotel bar. Cable. Read from A Fan’s Notes.

Day 2
2.1–Booth work. Attended panel on community writing center. Booth Work.

–Repeat 1.2

Day 3
–Repeat 2.1
–Repeat 1.2

Day 4
–Repeat 2.1
–Repeat 1.2

Day 5
5.1–Hours before flight saw some of the MFA (Museum of Fine Art). Mind blown. Identify John Singer Sargent as soul-bro.

8 comments on “My AWP–Boston Locals Wear Rubber Boots

  1. andreadupree
    March 22, 2013

    Ha. Love this, Dan. Oh, to be at 2.1 and 1.2 again!

  2. mjhenry
    March 23, 2013

    Yes, I saw more rubber (rubbah) boots than I could ever have imagined.

    I hope this means you had a great time, right?

    Oh, and you should add:

    5.2: waited and waited (and waited) for Mike to call so we could hook up for cab ride to airport. Gave up and took my own.

    • danmanzan
      March 26, 2013

      I had an awesome time. There’s nothing better than putting in a strong day’s work knowing that waiting for you at the hotel bar is Glenlivet 18 Year. Neat. Water back.

  3. Seth Brady Tucker
    March 25, 2013

    My AWP:
    1. Reading
    2. Bourbon
    3. Panel
    4. Bourbon
    5. Bourbon
    6. Bourbon.

    • andreadupree
      March 25, 2013

      Seth, how can the rest of us live up to your level of commitment? I’m humbled.

  4. fancydrew
    March 25, 2013

    I am also occasionally too cavalier.

  5. Meg
    March 27, 2013

    Did anyone else have the mini bar in their hotel room on SENSORS? As in, if you happened to pick up a mini bottle of wine just to see what kind it was and possibly drink it later (but you didn’t drink it later, you put it back because it didn’t look good enough to drink later), you got charged $35 for simple picking it up off its sensor? Repeat with the mini canister of Pringles for $6.

    • danmanzan
      March 27, 2013

      Then you put Z on a sensor, removed her from it, and was charged $500,000.

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