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Dispatch from Grand Lake: Finding your bliss station

Hi, all! As you may (or may not) know, we just returned from our 13th annual writers retreat in Grand Lake, where 40 of our now extended family of writers commune in the Shadowcliff Lodge for a week of writing, hiking, and talking books. We solicited blog posts from participants, and here’s the first in what we hope will be a series of reflections on the week. For the calendar-ready: next year’s retreat will be July 15-20! Save the week.

Dan-o creating his temporary bliss station in Grand Lake

Blog: The Occulting Light

Author: Dan Manzanares

Topic: Grand Lake: Bliss Station; Instructor: Chris Ransick

It is ok to create a bliss station. It is ok, writer, to measure out a space in the world, to bring only pen and paper and nothing else and no one else, and write into bliss. It is ok to define the Wasteland (distractions, excuses, reasons, interruptions), why you don’t write, and eliminate, however temporarily or forever, those external and internal Wasteland dredge. It is ok not to apologize for doing this.

Empty a space then fill it with Creative Space Time.

Do not hope the energy drains keeping you from the bliss station will change on their own, change what you can, accept what you can’t, then write without regret.

I’m a cafe writer. I enjoy the feeling of being in a public place, people milling about, baristas spinning around, while being encapsulated by my pen and paper. Alone but not. What tends to happen, though, is a cafe’s mojo changes. I go somewhere else, mojo changes, I try another. This is why I now know where my bliss station eternal is going to be: Lighthouse.

Lighthouse is renting out writer space on the 3rd floor of its new and upgraded home. Ferril house I called Hogwarts, the place when I entered I shed my cloak of ho-hum and became magic, my pen became my wand and I wielded it without fear of collapsing the roof when the syllables punched through the page and bounced around the room. Ferril contained the power. Now, we have [1515] Race. And I already feel the container strengthening. When the Muse hits us, when the daemon draws breath, we will shake the foundation but will be held too.

I’m a cafe writer. I’m a Lighthouser. When I write in the writer’s room I will see my brothers and sisters next to me. These people are not random cafe patrons. They are writers! They are blazing pages! They are part of my bliss station, with them, with Lighthouse, I am wizard.

3 comments on “Dispatch from Grand Lake: Finding your bliss station

  1. gary schanbacher
    July 25, 2011

    That is the magic of a writer’s space. To be alone in a room full of writers. To listen to the click of keys and to wonder what is being created and to feel energized to create along with them.

  2. Sue
    July 28, 2011

    Dear Wizard,
    Have contacted Mel Brooks. Shooting begins today on “Blazing Pages” !

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