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Women You Should be Stalking (But Not in a Creepy Way)

First, if you haven’t already done so, you really need to go read Andrea’s post from yesterday. My ramblings will make no sense at all if you don’t. Done? Great.

Second, a confession: I have almost no social life outside of Lighthouse. Really. If it weren’t for you people, I’d have become a hermit years ago. I am a morning person and it takes a pretty good lure to get me out of the house in the evenings. Lighthouse events are my one after-dark indulgence. Despite this, I have somehow managed to be otherwise engaged several times recently when I wanted to attend an event featuring a Lighthouse member’s work. It’s happening again, and this time it’s actually Lighthouse’s fault. Yep. I’ll be attending the Fairplay Retreat during the same weekend that Stories on Stage presents Laurie Sleeper’s winning short story.

Now I can’t confess to Andrea-like adoration of Laurie, but I have attended a couple of parties where her wit and charm were on full display. I’d love to finally hear some of her work so I can join Andrea and others in stalking her like she ought to be stalked (not in a creepy way, I promise). I’m especially intrigued after reading Laurie’s description about the first story she wrote when she was just a child playing with a typewriter (look it up, kids). The story was called “Timmy, the Boy Who Got Blind The Hard Way.” I would pick up a collection today based on that title alone. I’m not kidding. You throw in a rabid dog and a terrible infection (and she did) and I’m hooked for life.

They Only Eat their Husbands

Fortunately, I will be around for the much-anticipated book release party (Friday night, Flobots, 6 p.m.) for Cara Lopez Lee’s memoir, They Only Eat Their Husbands. I’m thinking this one will make a great gift and we are fast-approaching gift-giving season. Personally, I like to buy books, read them carefully (no chocolate!) and then give them away. Please don’t tell. However, I know from experience that the biggest obstacle to my re-gifting scheme is a really great book. I hate to give away a really great book. So in this case, I’d recommend you actually just go ahead and buy two. Get them signed, wrap one up and put the other on your nightstand. Deets about Cara’s book release event, the memoir, and the author herself can be found on her website:

Finally, I’m not really a “girl power” type, largely because there seems to be some movement that encourages calling it “grrrl power.” Ugh. However, I’m all kinds of fired up about the thrilling achievements of these smart, talented women. Congratulations, Laurie and Cara. I’ll be stalking you both in the least creepy way possible.

About Tiffany Quay Tyson

Tiffany Quay Tyson is a writer living in Denver, Colorado. She was born and raised in Mississippi. THREE RIVERS, her debut novel, was a Colorado Book Award finalist and a finalist for the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Award for fiction. She is a 2016 Amtrak Resident. She is currently working on her second novel.

2 comments on “Women You Should be Stalking (But Not in a Creepy Way)

  1. Cara Lopez Lee
    November 2, 2010

    I’m honored to be stalked by one of the most talented writers it has been my privilege to hear read at Lighthouse. I work at home, but if I’d known you were stalking me, Tiffany, I would wash my hair more often, or at least button the top button on my jeans.

    I’m impressed that you refrain from eating chocolate while reading. I rarely get through a whole book without a chocolate or salsa stain. I promise I won’t let that happen to any books on Friday, though. I was going to promise a no-chocolate-stains-or-your-money-back guarantee… but Tiffany is serving up yummy cake lollies at my launch party, so that could pose a problem.

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