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Definitely a New Way of Getting the Word Out There

The D.I.Y. Book Tour. (New York Times, January 14, 2010)

This, a hilarious little essay from Stephen Elliott, whose memoir, The Adderall Diaries, we’ll be reading at our annual retreat up in Grand Lake (July 11 thru 16, in case you’re wondering.)


3 comments on “Definitely a New Way of Getting the Word Out There

  1. Karen
    February 11, 2010

    Stephen has a good defense of memoir up at The Rumpus — — written specifically in answer to Antrim’s snit at The Daily Beast [ ].

    Oh, and for anyone who’s interested, I’m going to lead that discussion of The Adderall Diaries at Grand Lake.

  2. Lane L.
    February 11, 2010

    Nice piece – very well written. As comfortable as the homes he was in and such a funny look at D.I.Y. Who knew! I feel like I drifted through a couple of those readings, if only to lean against the wall, listen, and have a cupcake (or two). I have been to Chesterfield and can attest to his observations of the characters there.

    Will save my pennies and hope to join the group at Grand Lake for more.

    Thanks for the post, Michael!

  3. Lisa Kenney
    February 13, 2010

    The Adderall Diaries really changed the way I think about personal history and truth. I am going to have to get back up to Grand Lake again this summer. Looking forward to it!

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