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Further evidence of a short storycentric universe?

…or at least that reports of the demise of the short story are greatly exaggerated: the National Book Awards are going all democratic in chosing the “best NBA winner of all time.” You can vote on the expert-whittled list here, but take note: four of the six choices are story collections.  Which of the six did you vote for? 


I love all of these writers, but I have to confess that after a bone-chilling, absorbing, fanfreakingtastic reading of “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by actress Lauren Klein this weekend at Stories on Stage, I have Flannery O’Connor on the brain. And if it’s on my brain, I vote it. I wouldn’t be disappointed if any of these writers or books won, though I might arch an eyebrow at Gravity’s Rainbow (love love love Pynchon, but really?).


One comment on “Further evidence of a short storycentric universe?

  1. Lisa Kenney
    September 30, 2009

    Ha! I’m reading Gravity’s Rainbow and although I’ve passed the point of hating every minute of it and have actually started to enjoy it (and there is some quite brilliant writing to admire) — I have no idea how it made this list.

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