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Oprah’s going to save us all.


Okay, saving us all is a bit of an exaggeration (hyperbole is the best thing ever!), but goodness bless that Oprah: she’s selected a short story collection for her latest book club read. I can’t say how many articles I’ve read that wax harbinger of the state of the short story: it’s alive, it’s dead, it’s experiencing a resurgence. As a short story writer myself, I had resigned myself to the sad knowledge that the only people who really read short stories any more are those who write them (yes, that too is an exaggeration; didn’t we already establish me as a truth-stretcher?). Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it would be nice to think that there’s a smidgen of hope that I may actually be able to support myself through this passion of mine. The fact that a collection of short stories is in all likelihood going to shoot to the top of the bestseller list pretty shortly here is quite encouraging. Thanks, Oprah!

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