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Raves accumulate for Lorrie Moore’s new book

KFa09_Moor_9780375409288_aupIf you’re an author and Amazon reviews get you down, the best revenge is winning over Michiko Kakutani, who has the following to say about A Gate at the Stairs, Moore’s soon-to-be released novel:

Ms. Moore has written her most powerful book yet, a book that gives us an indelible portrait of a young woman coming of age in the Midwest in the year after 9/11 and her initiation into the adult world of loss and grief. It is a novel that illustrates just how far Ms. Moore has come in the last two and half decades from her keenly observed but jokey 1985 collection of stories, “Self-Help,” which showcased her gifts as a writer but also underscored her — and her characters’ — emotional reticence, their reluctance to open themselves to deeply felt experiences.

The rest is here.

And did we mention (I’m sure we didn’t) that she’s our next weekend residency guest at Lighthouse? More details here.

One comment on “Raves accumulate for Lorrie Moore’s new book

  1. Mario
    October 25, 2009

    I don’t think ‘Self-Help’ “showcased”
    anything. It’s the hard work of an honest writer trying to do her work. It’s not a “showcase”. Writers don’t “showcase” their talent any more than they flash people in the streets.

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