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The Tobias Tapes, Part I

Herein we get Eli Gottlieb’s eloquent intro; a new-and-improved pronunciation of my name (which I’m now going by—Aun-DRAY-a); “Bullet in the Brain,” read by Tobias Wolff; a hilarious-cum-poignant reading from Old School; thoughts on turning anecdote to story; thoughts on writing “of a piece” or schizophrenically; thoughts on making boring characters interesting; an especially sudden cut off mid-sentence (sorry–just learning this audio editing gig).  To come in part II: we hear of Stephen King and terrorizing young readers; we hear about Raymond Carver; we hear about Hemingway; we hear about falsifying sermons; we hear more good things from Tobias and Eli.

(click the triangle, then click it again. It takes a while to buffer.) Or, if you have your own player, use this: TobiasWolffStudioPartI. (UPDATE: an edited version here: tobias-wolff-part-i-edited1)

Tobias Wolff interviewed by Eli Gottlieb, originally recorded at a packed Ricketson Theater on Saturday, September 15, 2007.

Thanks, all, and tune in for Part II next week!


7 comments on “The Tobias Tapes, Part I

  1. Lisa Kenney
    September 28, 2007

    Oh my. I don’t check this blog for a couple of weeks and then I come back to find it chock full of great information and updates. I did the Tobias Wolff weekend and it was everything AUN-Dray-AH and Mike say it was and more. He was fabulous, the events were fun, exciting and inspiring, the food and the view were perfect and of course all of the participants were — the coolest. Thanks to all of you who put these events together — they were the best!

  2. andreadupree
    September 28, 2007

    Ah, shucks. We’re new to the whole “keep the blog updated” thing, but we’re trying to keep up with the Rockies’ streak. As long as they win, we blog. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Lisa. And no, YOU’RE the best. –ad

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